BIM, Building Information Modeling

With BIM, all relevant information is stored in a digital 3D building model. This 3D model is the pivotal centerpiece starting at the design phase and continuing all the way through the management phase. All parties involved, from Architect and Designer to Facility Management, have monitored access to the same information and are constantly informed of the current status.

BIM has become an established method during the design and construction phase. To take full advantage of building and facility management, Prequest fully integrates with the 3D model using Revit. Both 3D and 2D models are available.

The advantages in the operational phase include:
  • Less time required for inventory when putting into service
  • Information on contracts and warranty is directly linked to objects
  • Efficient handling of technical building management, accurate information on wall finishes, glass surfaces, wall surfaces, and floor plans
  • Precise measurements based not only on square feet but now on content and cubic feet as well

To support BIM Prequest provides: